About US

MTE Holdings International Ltd is a full-service management and business consulting firm boasting an executive staff that has over 30 years of combined experience. MTE Holdings International Ltd. was initially structured to serve the needs of clients within the entertainment industry however the firm now offers the same quality services to clients in diverse industries that hail from diverse backgrounds enabling MTE Holdings International Ltd to serve a larger client base nationwide with their unmatched quality consulting services.

MTE Holdings International Ltd. has a pricing structure that is reasonable when compared to the competition and the personal one on one consultation that is afforded to each client sets the company miles ahead of all the other companies that claim to perform the same services offered by MTE Holdings International Ltd.

MTE Holdings International Ltd has set the bar for others to follow by serving an elite client base which have all benefited greatly from the expertise of MTE Holdings International Ltd. Past clients have included well renowned actors, producers, recording artists, entrepreneurs, athletes, and major power brokers just to name a few.