"I've worked with MTE Holdings International and their amazing team, I could not speak any more highly of them. They not only finished the project we needed done early but it was even better than I could have imagined! I highly recommend MTE Holdings International." - Samantha B.


 "We started out as a small company but grew quickly. MTE Holdings International helped us gain perspective on what we needed to do to not lose control. MTE helped us create SOPs for our staff, helped me implement some new policies and procedures and got things running as smooth as when my business wasn't so chaotic. Big thanks to MTE team for hanging in there with our roudy bunch." - Joseph Stewart


"I can't say enough about how excellent my experience working with MTE Holdings has been. Professional, timely and wonderful to work with. Their communication and follow through was excellent." - Dr. Tiago Rodriguez


"Thanks to MTE Holdings I am well on my well to financial freedom and building my RE empire the right way." - Marshall Anthony


"MTE made a believer out of me in less than two months I had access to much needed capital" - H. B, Woodland Hills CA

"Mr. Nelson is a brilliant, organized business leader. His thorough knowledge and execution of project after project is well known and widley respected. I personally reccomend him and his services at every opportunity."- Greg williams (Switch Entertainment)


"Mr. Nelson has been an asset in assisting me develop my companies promotional activities and increasing the interaction responses we achieve from our invested marketing budget. 

His guidance has been extremely impressive and filled with many lessons which we have now continued to implement and ise daily. "- David Sinclair 


"A Los Angeles based client of mine just invested in a company recommended by Mr. Nelson. Their sales are on a nice trajectory and all their costs under control. Our client is very excited to be part of this enterprise."- Matthew Luciano, MBA


"MTE Holdings have been an absolute blessing to deal with. Not only did they increase my Paydex Score, but they also helped me successful develop other financial strategies that I have been able to implement. Their ability to break concepts down and help us see the end goal was invaluable. If you want to improve your financial situation and get close to financial independence, hire Mte."- John Knoewles, CMS Customer Solutions


"I have worked with Mr. Nelson and he is very diligent in his efforts to get the job done"- Miller London Urban Network/Former Sr. VP of Motown Records Corp